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(Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)

The first educational institution which has become the role model and a standard for many educationist attracted his educational mind to take charge to maintain and develop the best quality of education in the whole state of Punjab. The state of the art infrastructure which is recommended and certified by ISO: 9001:2000 claims to be number one in this District which is now even followed by many leading school in providing surveillance system and smart classes by providing digital education through plasmas and computers in each class from Nursery to Class 10. We introduced this when no one in our region even had heard about. The whole pre-primary wing is air-conditioned.

Extra Curricular Activities:
Integration of sports in education and by arranging all the indoor and outdoor games and sports facilities including the swimming pools, shooting range, largest science laboratory, library and computer science rooms fully equipped and furnished have open a great new world of the educational aspirants. No doubt A GREAT ERA OF RISING SUN in the educational field has started.
I personally congratulate Mr Sanjeev Saini, the Group Chairman, by setting an example in all fields of school learning. All the extra curricular activities have now been blended with daily routine which is enriching and nurturing the students with all values of life and enhancing the great all round development of each FORTUNATE student of BBS. With his help and support I could bring the school at that soaring height. I also pay my hearties thanks to the School Chairperson Mrs Kamal Saini for all her hard work and her great concern for the school and her students.
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(Affiliated with ABC Montessori, Georgia, USA)

Introduction of Montessori system in Moga has brought the whole new concept of teaching to this region. The primary focus of the Montessori system of education is to treat each child as a unique individual, allowing him/her to learn through awakening, developing and refining his/her own senses and thus making the child independent and feel him his great existence. Montessori system never allow a child to fail. Success through learning by doing and experience give him self-esteem and self pride. Great management skills and sincere efforts by providing each and every study and practical material would definitely replicate and implement the authentic MONTESSORI system in this area. This system is flexible and creative in addressing each child’s need and aspiration. The Montessori system is a time tested, well researched and universally accepted system.
Let your child grow with best to be the best. Present him the unique gift of your trust, in the world’s best education system. You will never repent as he will grow at least seven times more than an ordinary child. Each child would get ABC Montessori certificate from USA. We really owe a lot to Mrs.Kimberly Morey to have the alliance with her ‘Academy for the Brilliant Child, Inc. Groegia, USA'.
The Chairman of the Group, Mr Sanjeev Saini, the School Chairperson, Mrs Kamal Saini, all other members of the BBS Group, the Principal, teaching staff and all other staff members and parents convey their heartiest thanks to Mrs Ann Balasurya ,the Executive Director of International Association of Progressive Montessori (IAMP) and son of Mrs Kimberly Morey, (ABC Montessori’s Director & Owner) Mr Benjamin Hardin to come personally to inaugurate our intstitutions (BBS’ ABC Montessori, Moga, MTTI, Moga and BBS ABC Montesorri at Morinda)

BBS ABC Montessori Teachers’ Training Institute, Moga

The aim of this institution is to be a global leader in Montessori teacher training. ABC Montessori aims to promote and maintain the highest standards and interpretations of the Montessori method of education while remaining open to the most advanced research and innovations being made in the fields of philosophy, psychology and educational theory to date. The objective for the teachers graduating from our institute is that the teachers will not only achieve excellence in their professional work, but they will undergo a transformation in their personal growth and emerge as role models embodying the best in human values. Thus they will be ready to take up a highly rewarding career, transforming the lives of children, while making a significant contribution to a better world.


This institution helps the educational inspirant to aide and council for higher education at different world known educational institutions in the leading countries of the world such as at America, Canada, England, Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Scotland etc. Agents these days are misguiding many students which leads to wastage of time and money but BBS EDUCATIONAL AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD at LUDHIANA aims to provide the best guidance along with low cost education and complete help to guide what courses to be opted by the students. It has already helped over one hundred students to get admission in different parts of the world.


MBW EDUCATIONAL AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES PVT LTD, LUDHIANA is providing platform for international studies has already helped in providing assistance to go abroad over 300 students successfully to attain quality international education at different places, in less than one year time. This institute has been serving people of different community without any discrimination.

MBW Scrips Trader Pvt Ltd

MBW Scrips Trader Pvt Ltd (Room No.332, Stock Exchange, Ludhiana) is another gem in the crown of BBS Group which has been serving the community.